Adventure & Role Playing Games for All Ages

Kamoly offers straightforward, easy to learn, role playing games and adventure building tools that are intended to be accessible and fun for both young and seasoned players alike. Products include both physical board games and software products.

Campaign Manager is a tool to create worlds, puzzles, and adventures. Game masters can design tabletop RPG campaigns that their players must fight through. Escape room style puzzle creators can plan out how their participants must escape. Or interactive stories / adventure games can be fleshed out with all the possible branching paths.


The software is offline – no Internet connection required. The amount of content, including art and sound, is only limited by your computer’s available storage space. There is no subscription so everything you create is yours forever. 


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A dragon has been terrorizing the town of Oly. Brave adventurers are requested to traverse the dangerous path to his mountain lair and slay him. Along the way battle monsters, collect new equipment, and gain new abilities. You’ll need it all to reach the end to Slay the Oly Dragon.


This is a table top role playing game meant for players both young and old. Setup is very simple and quick. Rules are straightforward for beginner players but still leave tactical decisions for those more experienced.


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